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Lite (less than 350 calories, 10 gm fat, 750 mg sodium per serving)
Vegan (no animal products)
Vegetarian (plant based)
Potential Allergen
Gluten Friendly (while items with this logo have been reviewed to be free of gluten, the risk of cross contamination still remains) See Allergen/Gluten-Friendly Statement
Guiding Stars: 0 stars
Guiding Stars: 1 star (good)
Guiding Stars: 2 stars (better)
Guiding Stars: 3 stars (best)

Guiding Stars® is based on a balanced algorithm and the specific recommendations of the USDA, FDA, WHO, NAS, and others.
*Nutrient density per 100 calories.

* Food-allergic guests and those with specific nutrition concerns should speak with a manager and UNH's registered dietitian for individualized assistance.